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Teachers’ Percieved Information Communication Technology (ICT) Competencies via Computer Application for the Implementation of Government Curriculum in Obollo-Afor Education Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria

Dr. Ezegbe, Bernedeth Nkiruka, Dr. Igbokwe, Uchenna Lebechi, Dr. Ezenwaji, Ifeyinwa Ogoegbunam, Ugwu, Micheal Sochima


This study investigated the Information Communication Technology Competencies of teachers of Government via Computer application for the implementation of Government curriculum in Obollo-Afor Education Zone of Enugu state. ICT is very pertinent for effective implementation of school curriculum hence, it incoporates various forms of technological resources which can be used to create, communicate, and retrieve information for effective teaching and learning Kara and Kahraman, (2008). However, the aspect of ICT this study is interested in is computer application. The effective use of cumputer in teaching and learning will help to a  great extent in achieving educational goals. The study adopted a survey research design. Two research questions and one nul-hypothesis guided the study. Mean was used to answer the research questions, while t-test was used to test the null- hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The bench mark for the acceptance value was a mean of 2.50 and above. Items with the mean of 2.49 and bellow were not perceived competencies. The t-test revealed significant difference on the perceived ICT competencies of male and female teachers, showing higher ICT competencies of female teachers than that of  male teachers. Based on the findings, the following conclusion and recommendations among others were made: Government should organize periodic in-service training for teachers to upgrade their ICT knowledge and skills. There should be termly practical in-service training of teachers on the use of ICT facilities in Nigerian schools. The Computer Education courses in teacher training institutions that bother on ICT should be practical oriented.

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