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Representations of Gender inequality in the (2013) ASUU Strike Discourses in Nigeria: ACritical Discourse Analysis

Ugwuona Crescentia Nwaeze


Gender stereotypes representing gender inequality are pervasive in the (2013) Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike discourses in Nigeria. These stereotypical representations have psychological negative impact on gender equality, enabling working environment, socioeconomic development, and education opportunities in Nigerian. Beyond that, earlier researches have investigated gender related issues in newspapers. However, limited studies have executed representations of gender inequality from the perspective of gender stereotypes in Nigerian print media. This study therefore aims to identify gender stereotypes in the 2013 ASUU strike discourses in Nigeria, and how they reflect, and reinforce gender inequality and ideologies in the society. The study also examines the differences and similarities between the discourses of male and female gender about the ASUU strike.   Data were collected through the Internet and the Nigerian print media; and analysed via critical discourse analysis (CDA) framework.  The study reveal: women stereotypes, (gossip, omission of women in crucial national discourses, neglect, liars, home-keepers), male dominance, and social inequalities. The researcher discussed how the findings of this study could be beneficial to: pedagogical issues, Nigerian society, both male and female gender; and recommends that Nigerian government, newspaper commentators, and the civil society should promote language use geared towards emancipation of female gender through appropriate language use in discourses. The study contributes to and encourages further research that extends our understanding of gender inequality in discourse in ways that enables/empowers Nigerians to make a positive difference in their discourses, attitudes, and language use about male and female in Nigeria and beyond.

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