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Influence of Design Style of Packaging on Choice of Beer among Undergraduates of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State

Ogboji, Bernadine Anene, Sussan Ego Orajiaka, Chukwuone, Chiamaka Adaobi


This study investigated the  influence of packaging on undergraduates’ choice of beer among undergraduates of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka. Three packaging areas-bottle size,bottle colour and bottle design -were  deleanated for ease of investigation.Through survey research method, 384 copies of the questionnaire were administered to purposively selected repondents while ten interviewees  also participated in the study. The  reliability of intrument was determined with  the  use of  Guttman scale of reproducility  and  this  yielded  0.85.  Fiindings showed that bottle size,bottle colour and bottle  designs are not significantly related with undergraduates’ choice of beer.Result further showed that rather  than packaging, price, perceived value and the compatibility of beer to body  chemistries of undergraduates influence their choice of  beer. The researcher,  recommend among others, that the Consumer Protection Council should  consider the  possibility of  regulating the chemical  composition of  beer producers in Nigeria.


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