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A New Object Oriented Software Development Genetic Algorithm To Fuzzy Assignment Problem

K. Hema, S. Muruganandam


Assignment Problem, whose objective is to find the optimum assignment of a number of tasks to an equal number of resources at a minimum cost or maximum profit. In this paper, the objective functions are fuzzy variables. The fuzzy assignment problem are transformed into crisp assignment problem by using Yager’s Ranking method .Assignment problem is often used for solving engineering and management problems, where costs are assumed as fuzzy numbers. Defuzzification methods selections are important to discover appropriate methods for obtaining crisp values representing uncertain data. Genetic algorithm (GA), one of the simplest evolutionary algorithms, is also an optimization algorithm. Software development is based on customer requirements with a subset of modules, where relevance of created modules is a critical activity.  Though GA have been successfully applied in development of software but GA for Object oriented software development is limited. This paper proposes a novel technique (OSGA) using a genetic algorithm approach while explaining a possible fuzzy approach.

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