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Theoretical Modelling of an MHD Generator with External Loads Coupled to a Thermal Power Plant

Ayokunle Oluwaseun Ayeleso, Mohamed T.E. Kahn


The demand of energy through process heat and electricity has grown significantly with industrial growth. Therefore, the production of electric power through the conventional systems (thermal and hydroelectric) is no longer sufficient to meet such increasing energy demands. One possible way of increasing the overall cyclic efficiency of the conventional system is by introducing a topping unit such as the Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) system. In the MHD system, electric power is generated when heat energy from fossil fuels or natural gas is converted into electrical energy without the use of mechanical rotating parts. The present study aimed to investigate through modelling, different MHD configurations that can perform optimally best with the Ankerlig Open-Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) in South Africa. The study investigated two MHD models with different external loads and the energy balance inside the MHD system is solved theoretically using electromagnetic equations. From the analytical results, the output power obtained from the Combined-Cycle MHD Gas Turbine (CCMGT) increases when the applied magnetic field and gas conductivity are increased. In addition, when the electrical load factor is 0.5, the maximum power obtained from Models 1 and 2 are, respectively, 11.84 MW and 1.849 MW. This power gradually increases when the load factor is less than 0.5 and decreases when the load factor is greater than 0.5. With setting up a CCMGT in South Africa, the obtained results yield additional generation of electric power which will further improve the existing power generation. 


Conventional power stations; MHD system; Electric power; Heat energy; Fossil fuel; Natural gas; External loads; OCGT Turbines; CCMGT Turbines

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