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Assessing the Influence of Creative Campaign Music on Electorate Voting Behaviour During the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

Ogboji, Bernadine Anene, Sussan Ego Orajiaka, Keke, Maria Trinitas Oluchi


This study investigates the influence of creative campaign music on the electorate choice of candidates during the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. Survey research design was   adopted for the study which area was Enugu. With the aid of Australian calculator, a sample size of 385 from a total number of 1429221 registered voters in Enugu state. Simple percentage, mean and Chi-square were used to analyse data   for the study. Results   showed a statistical significant relationship between campaign music and voters choice of candidates (p=< 0.05).The extent of the influence was however found to be moderate (60%). Other factors that influenced electorate choice of candidates were found to be perceived competence (M=3.2), candidates’ popularity (M=2.7) and candidates’ manifestoes.(M=3.0) while religion  (M=2.0) was found not to  be  a contributory factor for electorate choice of candidates. The researcher recommends among others that government   should consider regulating the use of campaign music to avoid abuse.


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