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Social Characterization of the Producers of Cassava and Plantain Bananas and Production Factors in the Region of Mé in South-Eastern Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.

YAPI Arnaud Freddy, KOUAMÉ Kra Frederic, IPOU IPOU Joseph, KOUAKOU Nanan Joseph


A survey of the companies and producers of cassava (or manioc) and plantain bananas (hereafter, plantain) was undertaken in 206 fields of cassava and 71 fields of plantain in order to determine the socio-economic characteristics of the producers. This survey was conducted in the departments in the region of Mé. It consisted browse farmers' fields with questionnaires sheets. The results of this survey show that almost all of the surveyed producers consist of nationals of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), with an average of 94.73% in both samples. The dominant ethnic group consists of the “Akan” with a high proportion estimated at 95%. Women practice more cultivation of cassava (57.77%) while the cultivation of plantain is dominated by men (78.87%). The average age of cassava producers is 42.4 years which is virtually equivalent to that of producers of plantain at 44.2 years. The use of minors for farm work does not exist in the study area. The least old producer is 21 years while the oldest is 67 years old The proportion of farmers who use herbicide for weed control in cassava fields is very low (14.56%) while in the cultivation of plantain proportion of farmers is almost identical (44.88% for using a herbicide). The lacks of information on the appropriate herbicides are the basis of this finding. According to access of land for the realization of the two cultures has done in three ways. The proportion of landowners is higher than 85 %. In this region, leasing land barely exists.


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