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Cost Analysis of a Manufacturing Industry: By Using Rolled Throughput Yield Technique

Vikrant Dongre, Malay Niraj


The six sigma method has implemented in several industries. There are very vast areas of six sigma methods which can be used as a tool and technique. In this paper author has explained one of the  crucial technique of statistical approach  as six sigma statistical approach(SSSA).In this scenario the six sigma statistical approach(SSSA) has been implemented to overcome the losses and waste of production in time and cost of an industry. This approach gives a sensitivity analysis for output of project performance. It has been found that there are many losses which would become a barrier for establishment of company. For facing such type of the problem in industry the six sigma statistical approach (SSSA) has been developed, it is a strategic approach which tracks the overall performance of industry. Six sigma statistical analyses (SSSA) give feedback estimation for reduction in cycle time and cost. It is an analysis technique that done to ensure the improvement of progress in company or industry. With the use of this approach the life cycle cost of expenditure can be deducted.The motive of the study to consequent the rolled throughput yield by evaluating the cost of the industry.

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