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An Analysis of the Rural Financial Exclusion in China:A Supply Perspective

Xu Guangshun, Jiang Yuansheng, Abbas Ali Chandio


Financial exclusion is common in rural areas especially in developing countries which severely restrict the development of rural economic and the growth of farmers' income. The aim of this study was to examine the extent and analyze factors affecting on rural financial exclusion in China. In this paper secondary data have been used. The secondary data have been collected from various sources such as, China Statistical Yearbooks, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Rural Finance Service Reports and research publications. This study analyzes the degree of rural financial exclusion and its influencing factors from the aspects of supply and demand. The results reveal that there is serious physical access exclusion, condition exclusion and marketing exclusion, but assessing exclusion and the price exclusion are not obvious. Therefore, the study recommended that Government of China should make rural financial markets gradually liberalized, coordinate the relationship between financial institutions profit and social responsibility. Additionally, the financial institutions should provide more comprehensive system of financial products, especially insurance products.

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