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Evaluation of Rice Hybrids for Grain Yield in Different Ecologies of Pakistan

Sanaullah Jalil, Abdul Rehman, M. Shafiq Zahid, Abid Majeed, Haider Abbas, Shoaib Ahmed


Twenty one (21) rice hybrids of different private seed companies were evaluated along with two local check varieties IR-6 and KSK-133 for genetic variability and paddy yield in adaptability trials at seven locations; Islamabad, Lahore, Farooqabad, Arifwala, Hyderabad, Dokri and Bahawalpur which are different rice ecologies of Pakistan during 2012 and 2013. The trials were conducted in RCBD with three replications at each location. The plant to plant and row to row distance was maintained at 20cm with plot size of 10m2 (2m*5m). Recommended cultural practices were followed and a separate set of entries was sown at CDRI, Murree, Pakistan for evaluation of insect pest and disease infestation in controlled conditions. Significant differences for paddy yield were observed among entries in pooled yield analysis. CR-326 expressed the maximum mean paddy yield (7893 kg/ha) followed by JD-001 (7832 kg/ha). This increase in yield ranged from 4.2-21.7% and 7.3-25.4% over the check varieties KSK-133 and IR-6 respectively. While lowest yield expressed by LP-19 (6292 kg/ha) which is at par with IR-6 and 3% lower yield than KSK-133. On the basis of mean paddy yield, quality parameters and response to insect pests and disease resistance, the rice hybrids CR-326, HJ-177, HJ-308, EN-HY-633, FMC-1, Dhaga-15-SH, Dhaga-11-SH, JUD-002, LP-18 and Hunza-012 performed significantly better than other hybrids in yield, bursting %age and head rice recovery %age. So these rice hybrids are recommended by Varietal Evaluation Committee (VEC), PARC Islamabad, Pakistan for commercial cultivation in Pakistan. While other rice hybrids are rejected for commercial cultivation due to poor quality and non-significant yield performance. The recommended rice hybrids play a vital role in enhancing yield production and rice export of Pakistan.

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