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Perception and Use of E-Resources by Students of Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Charles O. Omekwu,, Christian Mbamaonyeukwu, Emmanuel D. Chigbu Chigbu


The University of Nigeria, Nsukka library has experiences exceptional progress in terms of access to digital information resources. This study investigated the perception and use of available e-resources by students of the Faculty of Education, of the University. Four research questions were formulated for the research. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design. The population for this study was 2,720 students from the Faculty of Education. Data for this work was collected using questionnaire and observation checklist.  The data generated from this study was analyzed using mean score and percentages. Findings of the research revealed that the library e-resources range from e-books to e-newsletter, e-magazines, e-newspaper, library catalogs, e-journals, e-dictionaries, e-encyclopedias, audio e-books, multidisciplinary e-books and CD-ROMs, among others. It was found that students learn to use e-resources through trial and error, formal library instruction, guidance from library staff, through friends, through the help menu of e-resources, and through frequently asked questions (FAQ) on websites, among others. Furthermore, the students perceive that electronic resources provide up-to-date knowledge and current information, among others. Strategies for improvement include provision of ICT literacy to effectively utilize the resources, upgrade of retrieval devices, provision of access to computers, provision of trustworthy information, etc. The study concludes that pocession of basic computer knowledge by students without competence in information literacy skills, are inadequate for efficient use of the available e-resources. It recommends more organized training programmes for students to familiarize with the techniques for efficient utilization of  e-resources in the university library, hitherto underused.


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