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Challenges Inhibiting the Use of the MTN Digital Library in Nigeria: the Users’ Perspective

Justina Ngozi ekere,, Charles Obiora Omekwu,, Chidinma Nwoha


This study evaluates the challenges inhibiting the use of the MTN Digital Library, UNN from the users’ perspective. This purpose, in addition to identifying the strategies for enhancing the utilization of the library by library users constitutes the aim of the study. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for this study.  The sample size for this study was 196 registered users of the MTN digital library. 213 questionnaires were distributed to the users of the library with a return rate of 92%. The study employed the use of frequency tables, mean scores and ranking as statistical measures for data analysis. The results obtained from this study identified several challenges faced by users whilst using the library such as systems breakdown, lack of awareness, staff indifference towards users needs, insufficient power supply etc. It was therefore suggested that frequent maintenance of computer systems and other facilities, provision of quality infrastructural facilities, adequate technical personnel, among others, be adopted as strategies for enhancing the library’s facilities, resources and services. This study calls for the adequate need to see to the maintenance and sustenance of digitized library facilities, resources and services in university libraries to enhance the dissemination of information, research, teaching and learning. The value of this study is related to its implications for the library management and staff, librarians, lecturers and educational planners, the MTN/Net library board and the government.


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