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Moringa oleifera Leaf Improves Meal, Egg Quality and Production of Egg Laying Birds

M Farooq, R. A Khan, S Ali, M. A Tanvir, M Amjad


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of using Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) on egg production and quality of commercial egg laying (Tetra Blanca) hens. Moringa oleifera is famous for its nutritional values. One hundred and fifty birds at 21st weeks of age were randomly divided into five groups and were fed on five dietary treatments containing 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20% MOLM, respectively. Data were collected after one week adaptation and were analyzed by using CRD statistical design. The results indicated that MOLM significantly (p<0.05) affects the feed intake, egg weight, laying percentage, egg mass production, feed conversion ratio and Roche color fan score due to MOLM treatments. No mortality was observed in any treatment which shows that MOLM does not affect the health of egg laying birds negatively. Highest significant values of growth parameters like feed intake (86.58 and 85.75 g/bird/day), egg weight (56.28 and 53.2 g) laying percentage (84.41 and 80.25%) and egg mass production (47.33 and 43.33) were observed in treatments containing 5 and 10% MOLM respectively in the feed of birds. Birds fed in treatment having 10 and 5% MOLM showed significantly better FCR values as compared to other dietary treatments. On other hand MOLM significantly impaired Roche color fan score at 20% level of inclusion. It is concluded that MOLM should be incorporated in diets of egg laying avian strains up to 5-10% for accelerating production of eggs and quality.

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