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Performance of Maize, Wheat and Rice under Various Cropping Systems under Agro-Climatic Conditions of Faisalabad

Sher Afzal, Nadeem Akbar, Riaz Ahmad, Mansoor Hameed


A research work was planned to evaluate the performance of maize, wheat and rice under various cropping systems under agro-climatic conditions of Faisalabad. The details of cropping systems are S1 (Maize (sp) -Maize-Wheat-Rice-Wheat), S2 (Maize (sp) -Maize-Gram-Millet-Sarson), S3 (Mungbean-Rice-Wheat-Cotton/ Sarson), S4   (Mungbean-Rice-Berseem (GM) - Maize-Sesame-Wheat), S5 (Sunflower-Mungbean-Wheat/Jantar-Rice-Gram) and S6 (Sunflower-Mungbean-Barley-Cotton-Wheat). All the cropping systems were arranged in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. After the harvest of first phase crops, the subsequent crops included in different systems were planted in their respective plots. According to the experimental design and description of cropping systems, different crops were grown using standard procedures recommended for all the crops. At harvest, data regarding growth and yield parameters of maize, wheat and rice were recorded and analyzed by statistics computer program. Results showed that growth and yield parameters of maize, wheat and rice respond differently when followed after legume and non-legume crops. There was a substantial increase in growth and yield of maize, rice and wheat after legume based cropping system. It was observed that maize, wheat and rice crops sown after leguminous crops/restorative crops showed better growth and yield.

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