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Comparative Evaluation of Single Super Phosphate and Di-Calcium Phosphate in Cows and Buffaloes for Their Effect on Production and Health

Usman Tahir, Ghulam Muhamad, Tanveer Ahamad, Zafar Iqbal


Phosphorus (P) is a macro-mineral intimately associated with several metabolic processes in the body. This mineral is required in optimum amounts for optimal health, production and reproduction. Owing to wide spread P deficiency in soil together with lack of minerals supplementations practices in Pakistan, its deficiency in dairy animals is very rife. Conventional phosphorus supplement DCP is quite expensive for regular supplementation in the feed of dairy cows and buffaloes. The present (complete lactation) study was planned on 75 buffaloes and 75 Sahiwal cows to evaluate in comparative terms the effect of feeding SSP and DCP on health, production and reproduction for this purpose were randomly divided into two treatments (DCP and super juice prepared from SSP) and one control groups. Responses to the two treatments were examined on the basis of milk yield, weight gain and reproductive performance. Benefit-cost analysis of P supplementation from SSP or DCP (calculated on monthly additional milk yield basis only) indicated that phosphorus supplementation from SSP was far more cost beneficial in cows (benefit-cost ratio = 19.2: 1) than phosphorus supplementation from DCP (benefit-cost ratio = 1.2:1). In the case of buffalo, SSP and DCP respectively had a benefit-cost ratio of 26:1 and 2.83:1. Benefit-cost analysis of P supplementation from SSP and DCP also indicated that the P supplementation from either SSP or DCP was more cost effective in buffalo than in cow.

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