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Oil Movement in Closed Environment of Distribution Transformer Tank Problem Simulation

Yurii Baidak, Valentin Matukhno, Belikova Liudmila


The objective of the study is to solve the general equation of transformer cooling oil movement inside the tank in the form, suitable for further use as algorithmic mathematical model and implementation of thermo-convective method for determination the initial value of oil velocity in one of its movement sections and application of which improves existing method of distribution transformers project synthesis at the level of solving the magnetic circuit and windings thermal state calculation problem. The mathematical model of natural movement of oil in the distribution transformer tank  in the form of Navier - Stokes differential equation with assumptions that formed its basis in software environment COMSOL Multiphysics Femlab 3.0 in the Fluid Dynamics - Incompressible Navier -Stokes section is considered. For non-zero initial independent value of cooling substance speed obtaining as an annex to the Navier - Stokes equation, the results of experimental tests of cooling agents massive expenditure  in a separate section of its movement circuit in a sealed system using thermoconvective method were utilized. Thermo-convective method application for determining the non-zero initial value of oil velocity in the radiator pipe section - along the contour of its movement is substantiated. The velocity calculation of transformer oil which  cools the active part of the transformer, with sources of heat flux in the magnetic circuit and windings is performed. The obtained equations and results from the use thermoconvective method will be useful for solving of engineering problems in the field of electromechanical engineering and thermal calculations which are based on the calculation results of moving environment speed.


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