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Effects of Scrophularia Striata extracts on Wound Healing In Mice

Ali Akbar Jafari, Razzagh Mahmoudi, Ali Mohamad Latify, Azad Aliahmadi, Reza Hajhosseini, Armin Hassanzadeh Inalou, Amir Ali Shahbazfar, Majid Shohrati Shohrati


Study of   different  methods,  to  improve  skin  wounds  healing  caused  by  diabetes and burns    has  been  always a matter of medical researches.Treatment with chemical drugs has its own problems so utilizing  low-cost  herbal  treating  methods  has  gained  more  attention day by day. The present  research studied  and   compared  the healing effects and functions of different  Scrophularia  striata  extracts on  mice wounds.

Methods: At  the  first  step    the  wound  healing  effect  of  three  different  kind  of  extracts  (aqueous ,  alcoholic  and  hydroalcholic)  was  investigated.  Male mice weighting 25-35 gram were divided  into  five groups as follow: The First  group  considered  as  control  (without  treatment),  the second  group recieved phenytoin  and  the other three groups  received 10  percent  of  aqueous,  alcoholic  and  hydraulic  extracts  respectively.  In  order  to  control  the  wound  healing  process,  wound’s  photos  were  documented  in  determined  times  and  analyzed  by  image  j  software.  In  the  second  step  , based  on  the first step findings,  the  wound  healing  effects  of  a  hydroalcholic  extract  ointment was  investigated.  In  this  step  mice  were  divided  into  five  groups  including  control,  Ocerin treatment, phenytoin1%, 5 percent and  10  percent  herbal  ointment.

Results: Average  times  of  wound  healing  were  9.1±3.1,  6.6±1.9,  6.5±1.7,  6.7±1.8,  6.1±0.9days   orderly  for  the control group,  Phenytoin,  alcoholic,  hydroalcholic  and  aqueous  extracts at  the first step  of  the study.  Hydroalcholic  extract  had  the  best  effect with the lowest healing time.  At  the  second  step  healing times  were  6±0.6,  6.43±1.2,  6.71±2.01,  8.86±1.9,  9.14±2.09 days for 10 percent herbal ointment treatment , 5  percent  herbal ointment treatment   , Phenytoin treatment,  ocerin treatment  and  control  groups  respectively.  Conclusion: The   study  showed  that  10%  ointment  had  the  most  suitable  effect  compare with the other groups.This study showed that Scrophularia Striata can be one of the choices for manufacturing a medication for wound healing.

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