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New Trends of European Biodiesel Fuel and Raw Material

Wei Yang, Yili Duo, Mingyuan Pei


With the increasing greenhouse gas emission and more and more serious air pollution,biodiesel has attracted worldwide attention as a real green diesel.Biodiesel refers to the oil-bearing crops, wild oil plants and engineered microalgae and other aquatic plants oil and animal fat, food waste oil as raw oil. Bio diesel fuel can be divided into 3 types according to the different manufacturing methods: Fatty Acid Methyl Ester(FAME); Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil(HVO); Biomass to Liquid(BTL). According to data from the European bio fuel technology platform, the amount of greenhouse gas RME in FAME is 46 gCO2 eq/MJ, the amount of greenhouse gas in PME was 54 gCO2 eq/MJ. Compared with FAME, HVO can reduce the NOx emission, and the product stability and low temperature characteristics are improved with EN590 diesel fuel and diesel mixed in any proportion, but because of low density, so mixed with EN590 diesel fuel mixture ratio is defined in 30% ~ 40%. Europe and the whole world is speeding up the process of the use of biodiesel fuel considering from the energy security and decrease of greenhouse gas e-mission.Introduced the production of European biodiesel, properties and manufacturing method of various biodiesel, at the same time introduced the raw material used for European biodiesel. At last, according to data from the International Energy Agency EIA, Europe is accelerating the use of bio diesel. China should also speed up the use of bio diesel fuel in terms of energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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