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Patterns of Leadership Behavior among the Head of Departments of the Hashemite University Colleges, As Viewed by the Faculty Members

Omar T. Batayneh, Zohair H. Alzoubi, Hisham A. Al-Makanin


Background: This study aimed at identifying the leadership behavior patterns practice degree of the heads of the Departments in the Hashemite University colleges, as seen by the faculty members in the light of gender, college, years of experience and academic degree variables.

Material and method: The study sample consisted of (185) faculty members and the researchers applied the descriptive survey method, as well as the questionnaire to measure the practice degree of the leadership behavior patterns. The questionnaire consisted of (38) items distributed over two patterns: interest in work and interest in the human relations.

Results: The results showed a high level of the heads of the departments' practice of the leadership behavior patterns in general. Interest in work ranked first, followed by interest in the human relations. The results further showed statistically significant differences in the heads of the departments' practice of the leadership behavior patterns attributable to the gender variable, in favor of the females. As for the college variable, they were in favor of the heads of the departments of the scientific colleges. Meanwhile, there were no differences attributed to the years of experience or academic rank variables.

Conclusion: The results of the current study show that the level of leadership behavior among a head of department at Hashemite University was high.  The researchers recommend  Focus should be placed on the perfect selection of the academic department heads (the right man in the right place), and providing the relevant support and appreciation for the creative ones.

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