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Metacongnitive Thinking Skills Implied in Questions and Activities of Computer Textbook for the Fifth Grade Preparatory

Zainab Hazim Ibrahim,


 The research aims to know the availability of supra-cognitive thinking skills in the questions and activities of the computer book for the fifth grade preparatory scientific and literary branches in Iraq for the academic year 2018/2019, as the researcher has prepared a list of supra-cognitive thinking skills included two areas and (6) key skills and (27) A sub - skill, whereby the questions and activities of the aforementioned authors were analyzed. The researcher followed the descriptive analytical approach "method of content analysis", and adopted the explicit and implicit unit of analysis, as was verified the validity and stability of the analysis, and the results showed unevenness and imbalance in the distribution of supra-cognitive thinking skills in the evaluation questions and activities contained in the book, where it focused on ( Concept Awareness (significantly relative to other skills and omission of many skills (giving reasoning, strategic switching skill, context optimization skill, problem solving skill, re-planning skill, product modification skill, process manipulation skill, thinking organizing skill) Of relevance, then s The researcher presented a number of recommendations and suggestions according to the research findings.

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