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Integration of Firefly Algorithm and Quintic Polynomial equation for Path Planning optimization in Mobile Robot

Amjed Abbas Ahmed,


Mobile Robot has emerged as an extremely essential technology in the recent industrialization world. Present-days, one of the hot research areas in Mobile Robot are dealing with Path planning problems. Path planning problems encompass determining the best feasible path from the start point to the target point. From the other hand, the firefly algorithm has been deemed as an increasingly promising tool of Swarm Intelligence and employed in versatile optimization areas. The current research implemented the firefly algorithm to resolve the mobile robot problem of best planning. The major concern of the adopted method is looking for free-collision points in Mobile Robot environment and generate the optimal path based on the firefly algorithm. The algorithm was utilized to specify the optimal control points of the shortest path. Quintic Polynomial equation has been applied to roughly generate a free path from an initial to goal configurations within a specified period. the findings of computer simulation. The findings of computer simulation affirmed the efficiently of the firefly algorithm in generating an optimal path of Mobile Robot in an environment of moving obstacles.

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