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Explanatory Paths of Muhammad Hadi Ma’arifa in ‘The Comprehensive Archaeological Interpretation’

Asst. Dr. Mayas Dhiyaa Baqir,


Sheikh Muhammad Hadi Ma’arifa, in his interpretation, adopted the stereotypes followed by the interpreters, because, he has searched, read, count, dated, and collect interpretations, starting with the first transfer of interpretation, trying to balance in the novels that accompanied the descent of the Quran, and depending on what is considered one the most reliable the novels on the Prophet (peace be upon him) based on his family (peace be upon them), has found that the objectivity of the book did not include the Qur'an al-Hakim in its entirety, but came limited to Surat Al-Fatiha and Al-Baqarah, considering that Al-Fatihah is the mother of the book, and the content of informed And the second is Surat Al-Baqarah, the largest wall of the Quran, and called it comprehensive and enrich the requirements of h Uh human ancient and modern, what was included in the provisions, systems and perceptions of life.

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