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Asst. Dr. Haifaa Mohammed Al-Zubaidy,


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds who is exalted in His pride and majesty and majesty. Praise be to Allah, who says: “O you who believe, do not eat your money among you in vain [Surah An-Nisa: 29] Prayers and peace be upon our lord and beloved Muhammad, whom God sent to the people with a vow and a vow and calling him with his permission and a bright light and a good and pure family and his companions who are honored and those who followed him with charity until the Day of Judgment.

Yet, time to time, many voices call for the rule of the regime to be revolted, and other voices demanding their prosecution and confiscation of their money. And how is it distributed? Are these demands legitimate or not? Are peoples entitled to hold their rulers and officials accountable? 

And between the supporter and the opposition, and between the authoritative and inhibitor, and the urgent need for the community to demonstrate solutions and answers appropriate to these questions and others, we must simplify the article objectively, legitimately, and in a moderate perspective.

This research came to clarify what confiscation and its legal rule was one of the most important goals that directed me to write such a topic is as I mentioned earlier the urgent need for the community to explain the jurisprudence opinion without bias or intolerance and to show that the punishment in the wise Sharia began in the interest of the individual and the group to prove that the policy of Islamic law The basis of equality of people in rights and duties, and to show the justice of the law and how it should affect the ruler and the ruled.

Finally, I thank God, the people of praise that helped me to complete this research, what is wrong with him, so it is due to God and what is right in it is a feature of humans.



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