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simulation and design of DRA Antenna to enhance high radiation with gain and S –parameters by using different layers of photonic crystal

Alateewe Hussein Turki Shabeeb, Kostiantyn Polshchykov


In various applications, Antennas had increasing of attenuation due to attractive of features of DRA. For example, high radiation efficiency, small size, low profile, and light weight. B. Ws enhancement is available for DRA. Therefore, multi-resonance frequency can be offered by DRAS. Consequently, these frequencies can be showed (emerged) in to abroad band. Moreover, classification of DRAs can be explained in three class which are ultra wide to band (UWB. multi band and broad band). Meanwhile, the aim of this project is to investigate potential of using DRA at optical frequency. Also, evaluation of the effects of surface Plasmon (SP) on metal gp and feeding strips. Besides, these effects may affect the performance of Antenna. Therefore, using CST (computer Simulation Technology) is another object of this project, because it is useful to learn using of CST. To evaluate the value of S parameter and gain magnitude. However, the suitable design of DRA depends on these characteristics and enable us to achieve the accepted results. Therefore, simulation of antenna can be run by these properties and characteristics. 

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