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Climate Drought Causes and Environmental Effect (Iraq as an Application Model)

Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Jabbar Abdullah


The aim of this research is to identify the climate droughts and the environmental impacts that can be reflected on the ecosystem in the study area, by identifying the causes that lead to drought, which represent the outcome of all the prevailing climatic characteristics in the study area. The research has dealt with the nature of rainfall and its impact on the climate drought through the use of the (de Marton) to determine the dry periods. If the evidence is based on precipitation for (30) years and then compared with the drought index of (de Marton), was among the results were reached Behold, the rain precipitation in the study area is characterized by the spatial and temporal variability and classification of most of the areas that have been studied according to climate data stations located within the dry climate and this are clearly on the nature of the ecosystem.

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