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Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams with Presence of Opening

Thulfiqar Salim, Salam Alobaidi, Ali Jaafar Dakhil


In this study, the flexural behavior of reinforced concrete Beams with Openings in the middle have been investigated. Four specimens have been studied.  The first beam which does not have an opening called the reference beam (M-R). The other three specimens have openings of dimensions 100 mm in the mid span. Two of the beams have been enhanced with steel tubes at the internal circumference of the openings. The beam that was enhanced with steel tube of 3mm thickness called (M-HS3), while the beam enhanced with steel tube of 2mm thickness called (M-HS2), on the other hand, the fourth beam that has the opening without reinforcing of steel tube called called (M-H). All specimens have dimensions of 250 mm height and 150 mm width and flexural span of 90 cm. Digital Image Correlation method (DIC) was carried out for all specimens to monitor the strain and the crack behavior. The obtained results indicate that the steel tube reinforcing the opening significantly improves the bending behavior of the R.C. beams.

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