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Principles of Governance in Educational Organizations "Applied Study in Kirkuk Technical Institute"

Shahla Salem Khalil, Sawsan Ibrahim Ragab, Eman Thunoon Younes


This study highlighted on the concept of governance, and the extent of its application in educational organizations, specifically in the Technical Institute of Kirkuk, to achieve this, a deliberate sample of the Institute's board members, directors of the divisions, and heads of units at the Kirkuk Technical Institute (30) was approved for the purpose of exploring their views on governance, and the extent to which the research institute can reach the ranks of civilized educational organizations, which is a priority for its implementation. Based on the statistical analysis of their answers, the study was able to reach a set of conclusions that were the basis for the construction of the proposals, which we hope will be useful to the research institute, and to its counterparts from other educational organizations.

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