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Ecological Awareness for Training-Teachers at Chemistry and Biology Departments and its Correlate with them Academic Achievement

Sami Hameed Kadhim Al-Khattat, Nibal Abbas Hadi Al-Muhja, Ali Raheem Mohammed


The present study aims to identify the ecological awareness of the training- teachers from the Chemistry and life Biology departments and its correlate to their academic achievements. Therefore, a sample of (248) training- teachers was randomly selected from Chemistry and Biology departments in the College of Education for their departments representation. The study has required building an ecological awareness scale, which was prepared by the researchers based on the literature in the field of standards and testing building. The items of the scale have reached (40) distributed over five areas, each of which has (8) items: air pollution, biosphere, chemical pollution, health care related to human life, and general care for the environment. The results show that the training-teachers have an ecological awareness and that this awareness is positively related to their academic achievement. Finally, the study has made a number of recommendations and suggestions.

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