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The Effect of Self- Questioning Strategy Training for the Trainee Teacher in Enriching of Styles of Thinking and Attitude of their Student Towards Mathematics

Assistant Prof. Dr. Rafah Aziz Kareem


The study was conducted in Iraq and the purpose of the study was to identify the effect of self-questioning strategy training for the trainee teacher in the enriching of styles  of thinking and attitude of their students towards mathematics in (2012-2013)year. The sample of the present study consisted of (96) trainee teachers which divided into (35) represented the experimental group while (41) represented the control group. Concerning the sample of the trainee teachers students, which total number was (769) divided to( 415) students represented the experimental group and (354) students were the control group sample . The two groups of trainee teachers sample were exposed to thinking styles scale before and after training. The subjects were exposed to a post thinking style scale in the level of training which every group was exposed to .They were tested to choose the best (8) trainee teachers aim each group and followed up to the secondary stage in teaching their students , after finishing their training period which last (45) days , The trainee teacher students were exposed to an attitude test towards mathematics .After the data were analyzed statistically , It has been observed that the self-questioning strategy has effect on the trainee teacher style thinking and this reflected positively on their students attitude towards mathematic.  An any the suggestion of the present study ,is the necessary of adopting the self-questioning strategy ,within the preparation programs for mathematics in Education colleges and in the minatory of Education . 

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