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The Effectiveness of Jigsaw Strategy in the Achievement and Habits of Mind for the Scientific 10th Grade Students (Distinguished Schools) in Chemistry

Susan Duraid Ahmed, Mohammed Raheem Hafedh


The present research aims to identify the effect of Jixo strategy in the achievement and habits of mind in the fourth grade middle school students in chemistry. The researchers followed the quasi-experimental approach with post-test. The research sample consisted of (87) students divided into two experimental groups consisting of (44) students who studied the strategy of Jixu, and an officer consisted of (43) students who studied in the usual way, and the two groups were rewarded in a number of variables. The researchers prepared a test consisting of (30) paragraphs, and was adopted (Hashim, 2017) scale of habits of mind after adjusted to suit the chemistry and consisting of (40) paragraph, and conducted both honesty and consistency and statistical analysis of their paragraphs, and the results of the research exceeded the experimental group studied According to the strategy of Jixo, on the sum The control of the collection and the habits of the mind.

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