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The Impact of Tanal Alqamar Strategies in Achieving Mathematics and Developing Scientific Thought for Females' Intermediate Stages

Zaid Najah Salih, Raghad Abdullah Kadhim


 This research aims at recognizing the impact of teaching upon TANAL ALQAMAR strategy and the traditional method teaching on the females' first grade in math and developing scientific thought skills.

Two researchers choose the Empirical research and the research sample consists of females' first grade – Hamat Alwatan Primary School, they were chosen randomly, divided into two groups and each group consists of 41 students. A group of them is empirical studied via TANAL ALQAMAR strategy and the other group is controlling which studied via traditional method.  The research tool was defined by achievement math test and scientific thought test; both tools assure their validity and stability. Both researchers observe inner and outer experiment safety, both researches prepared an educational program consists of 80 periods and they were distributed to 40 educational units for each group. This program was applied according to TANAL ALQAMAR strategy for both empirical and traditional method of the controlling group, divided into five periods in week. After carrying out the program they hold achievement and scientific after that we obtain data and processing them by statistical method through a test for separate equal number samples, the results proves the following:

- The empirical group which studied upon TANAL ALQAMAR strategy exceeds the controlling group which studied via traditional method in math achievement test and developing scientific thought.

Both researchers recommended and assured TANAL ALQAMAR strategy usage as it is better than the traditional method in achieving math and developing scientific thought.

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