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The Role of Investment in Reducing Dependence on Borrowing an Exploratory Study of the Views of a Sample of Academics

Muhammad Hussain Ali Alsawaf, Jasim Muhamad Hasso, Bakr Ayoob Saleh Hammood Hammood


It is clear that investment is an important and effective means in the economies of many countries, especially limited resources, because it is a tool to help support and revitalize the economy and achieve social welfare by reducing the unemployment rates and the development of levels of production through the introduction of modern technologies and improve the quality of the product. Better than the public loans that weigh heavily on the state by committing to repayment of the principal of the loan and its benefits as well as the risks that may accompany that, which require the intervention of donors in the formulation of the financial and economic policy of the state by reducing public expenditure The study seeks to achieve a set of objectives, the most important of which is to clarify the nature of investment and the benefits of its importation and its great role in achieving economic and social development as it is the best alternative to borrowing. , As well as to define the concept of borrowing and associated risks and its negative effects on the national economy in the foreseeable and long term. 

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