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A Narrative Review of Non-pharmacologic Managements for Low Back Pain in Young Athletes

Rongqi Zou, Michael Fredericson, Jae-Hyung Kim


Aim: Low back pain (LBP) is very common in athletes. This review examines the current literature on underlying conditions associated with LBP in athletes, including lumbar disc degeneration, types of sport participation, training volume and neuromuscular imbalance. This review was conducted to compile non-pharmocologic and non-surgical management like various rehabilitative therapies. Materials and methods: The information of this review was obtained by searching for keywords “Low Back Pain, Non-pharmacologic, Conservative, Management and Athletes” in scientific articles published in indexed journals, using the electronic databases ISI web of knowledge, MEDLINE, EMBASE, OVID, PUBMED, the Cochrane Library, ELSEVIER and Google. Results: non-pharmacologic managements may
help recovery from a low back pain including use of core stabilization exercise, Pilates, lumbosacral brace, sling exercise therapy (SET), manual therapy, physical modalities and intervention spinal procedures. These all may offer some positive benefits in terms of reduction in pain and disability. The lumbosacral brace has a more dramatic effect on chronic low back pain with spondylolysis, particularly adolescent athletes. Core stabilization exercise and SET activate trunk muscles and increase the cross sectional area of the multifidus muscles then reduce back pain and disability. Conclusions: In most cases, non-surgical treatments are successful, we should understand underlying conditions associated with low back pain in young athletes and provide proper therapy for a safe and quick return to

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