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Experimental Investigation on Thermal Performance of Double Flow Packed Bed Solar Air Heater

Saket Kumar, R.K Prasad, K.D.P Singh


This paper presents an experimental investigation, carried out on thermal performance of double flow packed bed solar air heater. Blackened wire screens in the upper duct of the double flow solar air heater have been used as the packing material which work as a porous absorber of thermal energy. The investigation encompassed mass flow rate, ranges from 0.0164 to 0.0362 kg/s, packing height from 5 mm to 25 mm and the heat flux from 750 to 1050 W/m2. The maximum enhancements in thermal efficiency and temperature rise parameter have been obtained as 1.51 and 2.03 respectively for the entire range of bed heights considered in the investigation. Also, a comparison between double flow, smooth flat plate solar air heater has been done with the investigated type of solar air heater. An enhancement in thermal performance has been obtained with the packing in upper duct of double flow packed bed solar air heater.

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