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A Voltage Enhancing using Multipole Magnetic Gererator for Low Frequency Vibrational Energy Harvesting

Arun Bhosale, A. Anderson, Suhas P. Deshmukh, Mahesh Shewale


This paper covers theoretical analysis and experimental validation of voltage enhancement techniques. The objective of this research work is to obtain and compare voltage output signals for three different arrangements of magnet and coil assembly mounted on vibration exciter. Multipole arrangement in which two magnets are placed in repulsive position has shown increase in voltage and frequency to overcome effect of low transduction efficiency at low frequency. To increase conversion efficiency of device with same size and other parameters, multipole arrangement can be used. Experimental results show that initial position of magnet top at centre of coil increases output voltage. A voltage of 10V is obtained at 17Hz and 4mm amplitude. A voltage can be further enhanced with multipole arrangement. A voltage upto 20V is obtained at 17Hz frequency which almost double to that of centre position and far higher than centre of magnet at centre of coil position. Experimental results show good agreement with simulated results obtained by electromagnetic analysis performed in Ansys Maxwell software. From this comparison, we conclude that multipole arrangement having center of coil matching center of magnet is best suitable to enhance the voltage output obtained.



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