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Introduction to Preventive Maintenance and Minor Repairs for Cumulative and Delta Shocks

Hossein Rahimi Komijani, Mahdi Shahin, Mohammad bagher Shahin, Armin Jabbarzadeh


Performing correct maintenance policy, especially in competitive area with high automation, plays an important role in improving reliability of facilities, products quality, reducing due dates and finally customer satisfaction. Many facilities stop working due to different reason such as shocks. In this situation, presenting proper policy which guarantees best performance of equipment is of great importance. Delta and destructive cumulative shocks are two kinds of sock structures which are neglected or considered independent in the most maintenance studies for the sake of simplicity. Also maintenance is mostly considered as a perfect repair that is far away from real world. So, in this study, we present a maintenance policy in which destruction process follows two cumulative and Delta shocks simultaneously, preventive maintenance is considered as imperfect ones. In this model, to define secondary status of cumulative shock variable, Beta probability distribution has been used to depend improvements in cumulative shock on costs, number of shocks and number of maintenance operations. System condition after each repair is considered as a function of cost and logistics operations of the system and WW Normal distribution is used for duration of performing preventive maintenance. Considering complicated nature of average cost function in entire of the cycle, in order to find optimum preventive maintenance time, genetic algorithm be used. The results shows the desirability of presented model in optimizing maintenance cost. 

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