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The Policy Competitiveness based on Policy Transfer Network China’s National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zones

Feng Feng, Qing Li, Xiangze Xiao, Xuerong Zhu, Jin Cheng, Nan Zhou


Policy transfer has become the main form of ideas information and resources communication across organizations. The frequency and direction of policy transfer also become the scale to measure policy innovation ability of organization.Since its inception, national independent innovation demonstration zone (NIIDz) has unparallel standing in the development of China's science and technology. Owing to its competence in policy-making and pioneer role in promoting independent innovation, NIIDz has delivered high-tech industry in China. From learning to simulation, various roles can be identified for NIIDzs where it has directly influenced policy innovation, cost reduction, upgradation of policy formulation, and even enhancement of policy competitiveness. By selecting key aspects of science and technology policies as research sample, issued by Chinese NIIDzs from 2006 to 2015, the paper divides the policies into talent, industry, enterprise, financial and others categories and delineates the policy transfer chains in terms of different policy categories used to build creative transfer network. In addition, social network analysis is employed to evaluate research transfer network and analyze the function of each NIIDz in different policy transfer network. Meanwhile, with the aim to compare the policy transfer results, ha index from Bibliometrics is borrowed to get the policy competitiveness index of each NIIDz within the policy transfer network and evaluate policy innovation capacity of each NIIDz scientifically. Finally, the paper finds that the NIIDz play different transfer role in different category policy transfer network and the policy competitiveness of NIIDz is not only influenced by its own development strength, but also restricted by other conditions.

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