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Solar Based PI and PID Control of DC-DC Converter For Seperately Excited Motor

Jayaprakash S., V. Ramakrishnan


The PI and PID control of DC-DC converter with solar energy circuit are presented. Then separately excited motor is connected in the end of load side. The Armature voltages of separately excite motor is controlled along with pulse with modulation technique circuit. Closed loop operation is done using PI and PID controllers. In this paper PI and PID controller is used based on the error signal and reference signal. Performance of the load is increased due to applying the gate signal at switching device and the same time it receives superior output voltage. In these paper two full wave converters, separately excited motor, step- up transformer, PI filter and closed loop PI and PID control circuit are used to control the motor. Finally Motor speed, torque and armature current are measured as well as tested.

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