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A Novel Framework for Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Management and Control in China

Wei X, Qi Y, Zhang Z.


Non-point source pollution (NPSP) is an important world-wide environmental issue and a great concern in China in recently years, however, no any law or education project on management and control has been proposed. In this paper, we proposed a novel conceptual agricultural NPSP management and control system based on clarify the situation and history of key agricultural activities such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide and agricultural plastic application in China from 1980 to 2011, and the legal and social challenges in agricultural NPSP management were explained. The results indicated that NPSP is a serious problem in China primarily due to excessive fertilizer, pesticide, and agricultural plastics application. Management and control challenges are diverse and include lack of legal oversight and integrated watershed management, systemic mismanagement, and insufficient environmental investment. Limited arable land, conflicting government management systems, poor environmental education, and ineffective agricultural management may be responsible for those challenges. This paper evaluates the current mechanisms of agricultural NPSP in China and suggests a comprehensive agricultural non-point source pollution control framework in which command-control, market-orientation, and public participation are implemented. We concluded that NPSP management and control is a difficult and gradually process and the government should play and enhance the leading role in this process.

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