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Modeling and Control of Bridgeless Interleaved PFC Boost Converter

G Kanimozhi., V .T Sreedevi.


This paper discusses the modeling and control of front end converter of PHEV battery charger. The converter preferred must provide high efficiency for wider load variations. In this work, a four channel bridgeless interleaved (BLIL) boost rectifier is chosen and a small signal AC model is derived for the converter. The converter is controlled using average current mode (PI) control technique. This rectifier has reduced input current ripple with minimized inductor volume and cost.  The converter prototype is designed for 300W and the performance of the converter with digital PI controller is analyzed under variable load and supply conditions. Powersim inc., PSIM 9.0.3 circuit simulation software is used and the results infer that the converter’s overall efficiency and reliability is improved compared to conventional interleaved AC/DC rectifier topologies.

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