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E. Umamaheswari,, Xiao-Zhi Gao


Identifying the best physician, medical facilities like hospital, diagnostic lab has become a tiresome task. Moreover finding a specialist for a particular ailment from the list of physicians is more strenuous task. The main aim of work is to make the above identification process simple, cost efficient, time saving with minimum effort. Sound beats is an online healthcare management system that sorts out the best physicians, hospitals and diagnostics labs based on their location, specialization, feedback given by previous patients and maximum number of appointments based on the request given by the patients. Sound beats is an appointment scheduler where patients will request for appointments in the available slots as per their requirement. The physician will register their profile and can view the patients’ appointments. The physicians and patients’ can save their medical records. The details of physicians, hospitals, labs, patients’ will be saved in the database.

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