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A Designer Sugar, Karbolyn®, Leads to Tighter Sugar Control than Glucose in a Pre-Diabetic Cohort

Jeff Golini, Ian C. Clift, Muhammad M. Qureshi, Wendy L. Jones


Aim: KarboLyn®, a designer sugar for elite athletes, provides a rapidly metabolized carbohydrate to the muscle, without the 'crash'. Recent investigations have suggested that KarboLyn® may be differentially processed by those with impaired glucose control. Therefore, the aim of the study was to determine whether KarboLyn® can promote a more controlled glucose utilization pattern for individuals with insulin resistance.

Materials and methods: KarboLyn® is tested alongside glucose in controls, pre-diabetics, and Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetics involved in light exercise to assess the differences in blood glucose patterns. Individuals had their baseline glucose drawn before consuming the KarboLyn® or a glucose drink. Each participant then walked slowly on a treadmill until it was time for a blood draw, according to the protocol. The study lasted two hours.

Results: After spiking with glucose, the pre-diabetic’s blood glucose readings displayed a downward trend resembling a series of extended plateaus rather than a sweeping curve indicative of the body's inability to maintain tight control over its blood glucose level. The KarboLyn® volunteer's spiking and downward pattern resembled the curve from the normal KarboLyn® user's data. Notable differences in the Type 2 diabetic volunteer's response were observed in some individuals provided KarboLyn® (at 10 grams) when compared to glucose.

Conclusions: Changes in glucose metabolism occurred during KarboLyn® ingestion versus glucose ingestion. Most notably are a slower peak glucose reading in all groups' tests and a more rapid return to baseline in the normal, pre-diabetic, and some individuals in the Type 2 diabetic, groups.

Trial registration: ISRCTN - 58611690 (completed 22/11/2016) 'Retrospectively registered'

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