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A Comparative Assessment of Genetic and Golden Search Algorithm Based Loss Minimization of Induction Motor Drive

Keerti Rai, S.B.L Seksena, A.N. Thakur


This paper presents a comparative performance assessment for loss minimization of vector controlled induction motor (IM) drive based on two different efficient optimization algorithms, namely Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Golden Search (GS).  Here the features of GA and GS both for estimation and recalculation of optimized flux component of current ( ), have been utilized for a better optimal efficiency operation of the IM drive. In this context, a comparative performance of IM drive based on GA and GS optimization algorithms is carried out. Both the GA and GS based algorithms greatly improve the efficiency by reducing the core loss of the drive system. Moreover, both the approaches have no effect on parameter variation and also need no additional hardware for hardware implementation. However, GA based loss minimization scheme proves its edge over GS based scheme for the IM drive. The simulation results for various speed patterns and operating conditions are presented here. Stability study of the whole drive system is also carried out utilizing both the optimizing schemes. The performance of the proposed drive is validated experimentally on dSPACE-1104 based laboratory prototype.

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